A difficult life for one Titusville high school student has been overcome, thanks in part to this week’s Golden Apple award-winning teacher.

Carla Huck teaches life skills at Titusville High School. It’s her 13th year here, after graduating from Edinboro University.

Students in this class are mostly teenagers, that can remain until they are 21.

“I have lots of different students with lots of different academic levels, so I get to teach all kinds of different things from writing checks, and shopping skills, to everyday academics, some science, social studies, a little bit of everything,” said Carla Huck, Golden Apple award winner.

Mrs. Huck was nominated by Huong Mietus who wrote:

“I was 13 years old before ever going to school. I started school once I was in foster care with my now mom and dad. I have since been adopted by them.  I did not know how to read, (write), add, or even subtract. With the help of my mom, dad, and Mrs. Huck, I am now able to read the newspaper. I can do addition, subtraction, and some multiplication! I now can write checks to pay for my cell phone and balance my checking account.”          

Huong Mietus, student nominator, Titusville High School

Huong will graduate this year as a super senior.

“It’s awesome to have somebody come through the whole program and see the growth that she’s had.  She’s ready to move on and work and be able to flourish as an adult after graduation. It’s an honor,” Huck added.

“She definitely has had a lot of accomplishments over the last six years, from learning how to read to doing math to balancing a checkbook to securing a job where she’s making money on her own. That’s some pretty impressive milestones, and we attribute that to family and school,” said Dr. Mary Jo Melvin, PennWest University.

And special recognition goes to Mrs. Huck.

“She has done what all teachers should do.  She has realized the importance of a tool, that is powerful, and that is instilling in students a belief system, a belief that they can, because if they believe they can, they will,” Dr. Melvin added.