Most successful people have a mentor, and this week’s Golden Apple Award winner is no exception.

Charles Lintelman is a sixth grade teacher at East Middle School. After teaching both elementary and high school grades, this week’s Golden Apple Award winner found a home in middle school.

“Middle school I think you see the most change. You see from the time they go from elementary school to middle school, the students who come into sixth grade and leave sixth grade and seventh grade are completely different. They’ve grown, matured, made new friends from elementary school, and honestly, it’s a really cool thing to see,” said Charles Lintelman, Golden Apple winner.

Success breeds success. This week’s Golden Apple Award winner was inspired to become a teacher by another Golden Apple Award winner.

“I had a high school teacher actually, who is the reason why I became a teacher. He also has gotten the Golden Apple, so this is going to be really cool to share that with him,” Lintelman added.

Our student nominator said Mr. Lintelman insures his students that if they listen and follow instructions, they will be successful.

“He’s a nice teacher, and he can help me understand the class work,” said Ben Garner, student nominator.

“He’s just a very special teacher who is kind, understanding, respectful and ensures that everybody in that classroom is important,” said Dr. Mary Jo Melvin, PennWest University.