Golden Apple Award- Daniel Scutella

Golden Apple Award

After 30 years of honoring teachers with the Golden Apple award, we learn that it’s something that young teachers think about.

Daniel Scutella is a math teacher at the middle school in Corry.

“I’ve actually thought about this quite a bit because I know some other Golden Apple teachers. I never thought, necessarily, that I would get one. I know I try my best to make an impact on my students.” Scutella said.

Besides helping students understand that math is the universal language, he also demonstrates care and compassion.

“Every student has a different background. They might not have someone that is there for them. I grew up without a mother, so I want to be that figure in some way for them. It could be as simple as saying ‘Hey, how’s it going?'” Scutella said.

Scutella has made a difference to this week’s student nominator, Charles Snapp.

“He’s a really great teacher and he helps me a lot with my work. He improves me on going to automotive and all that. He actually helps me a lot.” Snapp said.

Charles says Mr. Scutella is helpful, funny, and he’s good at teaching life lessons.

“Obviously, I love math and my passion is math, but it’s to make them a better person.” Scutella said.

“All of these connections that he’s making, he’s empowering these students. Through that empowerment, they’re going to be successful.” said Dr. Mary Jo Melvin.

Congratulations to Dan Scutella, this week’s JET 24 and Edinboro University Golden Apple Award.

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