Golden Apple Award- Darla Andrew

Golden Apple Award

It’s interesting how some people who never intended to be a school teacher, turns out to be among the best of them. That’s the story of this week’s Golden Apple Award winner.

Darla Andrew is an accounting teacher at Conneaut Area Senior High, known as “Mrs. A” by her students, she wound up there accidentally.

“I didn’t want to be a teacher, I wanted to be a proofreader and editor. I got a degree in English. I go my teaching certificate just to have it, did my student teaching and fell in love.” Andrew said.

16 years later, she’s still inspired by what happens at school every day.

“The kids give me energy. I love the feedback, the give and take. It just makes me so happy when they light up and learn something, they just blossom.” Andrew said.

Mrs. A teaches accounting, keyboarding, and a variety of business applications. Her most important lessons, however, aren’t taught on a computer.

“Mostly, I hope I’m teaching them to show up, follow instructions, do your best, be attentive to details, and don’t make excuses.” Andrew said.

This week’s student nominator, Mary Clark, got emotional explaining what Mrs. A means to her.

“She’s like a mom to us. Every tough time I’ve had at school, I’ve come to her. She helps with all my subjects. She even eats lunch with us. She just means a lot.” Clark said.

“I think Mrs. A, to sum it all up, is that teacher every parent wants his or her child to have and that every student deserves to have.

Thank you to Darla Andrew, this week’s JET 24 and Edinboro University Golden Apple Award winner.

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