Golden Apple Award- Kimberly Webb

Golden Apple Award

Area school students and teachers may not be back in the classroom following the holiday break thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the Golden Apple Award continues.

Mrs. Kimberly Webb was nearly alone in her room when JET 24 Action News surprised her with the Golden Apple Award. Webb is a 3rd grade teacher at Wattsburg Elementary.

Like so many other teachers, her students are on a screen and logging on from home.

“I never expected in my 16 years of teaching to be teaching through a computer screen, but the students and the families are absolutely amazing.” Webb said.

What makes her amazing is how she engages these young people, virtually and by remote control. The secret is not so secret…you have to make it fun.

“Part of what we miss during remote learning is the fun. You got to have that connection with them, joke with them, read, do special activities because there’s so much more to the classroom than just lessons that you’re presenting.” Webb said.

This week’s student nominator says another one of Mrs. Webb’s qualities is her ability to cheer up the students who are sad.

“When we have something that’s really hard to do, she’s just a great teacher.” said Morgan Koziorowski.

“These kids laugh, she laughs, they giggle, they see the joy in learning. I think they will take that a long way with them and that’s very very important.” said Mary Jo Melvin, Ph.D.

Congratulations to Kim Webb, you are this week’s JET 24 and Edinboro University Golden Apple Award.

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