Mrs. Leigh Fry has taught school for 11 years.

A Venango County native, Fry said she found her passion for teaching halfway through college and she found her home in a middle school classroom.

“I think I was meant to be a middle school teachers. Middle schoolers are unique and I think it takes a pretty patient personality. I really enjoy teaching middle school. It’s what I was meant to do,” said Leigh Fry, Golden Apple Award winner.

“She’s just very kind to all of us. She’s always there to help you with work if you need it and she always has a joke to put a smile on our faces,” said Lauran Becker, Student Co-Nominator.

“She never gives up on us. Her personality is really great and we really love her,” said Aubree Owen, Student Co-Nominator.

Both students said they have had bad days in school where they felt they didn’t belong. In Mrs. Fry’s class, her energy, laughter, kindness and care changed all that.

“I think I talk to the students like they are kind of adults in some ways. I don’t try to talk down to them like they’re children and I think that helps make them feel comfortable,” Fry said.

“You need a teacher who’s going to turn those bad days into good days, a teacher who’s going to take care of the bullies and a teacher who’s going to ensure that they belong in that classroom and that they feel they belong,” said Dr. Mary Jo Melvin, Edinboro University.

Congratulations to Mrs. Leigh Fry, this week’s JET 24 and Edinboro University Golden Apple Award winner.