A veteran teacher at a 110-year-old inner-city school is this week’s Golden Apple Award winner.

This week, we are in the Erie School District here at Perry School.  Where we surprised a fifth-grade teacher, Marshanne Friend.

Marshanne Friend has been teaching more than two decades. She said she’s always known teaching was to be her career, actually her life.

“I just enjoy hanging out with kids and showing them my love for education and the value of education.  These guys are awesome.  Every day is a new and exciting adventure with them. I love to see them learn, get smarter, and see the things they’re doing, said Marshanne Friend, Golden Apple Award winner.

To be successful, Ms. Friend said it’s all about building relationships and that takes time.

“It has to be a lifestyle for you. Our job doesn’t end when we walk out the door at 230.  they become our kiddos when they’re here for the school year and long after they leave,” Friend went on to say.

Two students nominated Ms. Friend for the Golden Apple Award.

“She’s a really nice teacher and she takes us to do activities, so Ms. Friend is my favorite teacher actually, here at Perry,” said Brandon Lozado, a student nominator.

“Ms. Friend is a really nice teacher. She helps us with our work, and I like how she lets us flex out,” said Jordyn Ortiz, another student nominator.

Flex out, that’s where the students can move about the classroom and sit anywhere they want.

“I’ve learned that if they can be comfortable, they tend to learn better and be more active in their own learning, and they enjoy it,” Marshanne Friend explained.

“These fifth graders not only know this teacher, they love this teacher. They love everything from the kindness club to the flex out place in the classroom and the calming corner. She makes them feel good,” said Dr. Mary Jo Melvin of Penn West University.

And for all those reasons, congratulations Marshanne Friend, this week’s JET 24 Penn West University Golden Apple Award winner.