Golden Apple Award- Miles Morton

Golden Apple Award

After a decades long career in landscaping, this week’s Golden Apple Award winner is teaching it to students in Crawford County.

Miles Morton is in his tenth year teaching people the art and science of the landscaping business. Morton spent decades as a professional landscaper, and is now teaching the next generation.

“Just trying to bring out the best of them. Kids at that age don’t always know exactly what they want to do. Sometimes you can give them a little push and steer them in the right direction. If you can teach them a skill that they can use later in life, you got them started in the right direction.” Morton said.

Student nominator Justus Saulsbery says he’s known for a long time that he wanted to be a landscaper, and appreciates Mr. Morton launching him in the right direction.

“He’s helped us for our future, like for our careers and hat we had our heart set on for our whole life. He’s helped me a lot to fulfill my career.” Saulsbery said.

Besides landscaping skills, Mr. Morton is also teaching life lessons.

“He’s teaching them to be accountable, responsibility for their work and he’s talking about work ethic and to be proud of what you’re doing. He’s enabling all of these students in that classroom to be the best valuable employee for any employer out there.” said Dr. Mary Jo Melvin.

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