Golden Apple Award- Mrs. Ashley Farina

Golden Apple Award

We knew it would happen sooner than later. In a school year plagued by a pandemic, we experienced a Golden Apple first this week.

For the first time ever, a Golden Apple Award goes to a teacher in an empty classroom.

No students here at McKinely Elementary School as the teachers are all alone.

Mrs. Ashley Farina now teaches fifth grade virtually.

“Pop your cameras on so that I can see that you’re back,” said Ashley Farina, Golden Apple Award Winner.

Her students said that Mrs. Farina loves and treats them equally.

“I think the relationships are more important than the rules and structure of the classroom to begin with. A lot of kids this age once you make that relationship with them they’re pretty much willing to do anything you of them,” said Farina.

Hudson and Hussein nominated Mrs. Farina for the Golden Apple. We talked with them online.

“All the students have a good relationship with her and then you trust your teacher. You want to learn,” said Hudson Evans, Student Nominator.

“She cares about her students. She treats them all equally. She makes learning fun and like Hudson said she has a good relationship with all of her students,” said Hussain Alluhaibi, Student Nominator.

“I kind of like to make them feel like they’re my own kids and I would want that for my own children. We’re like a little family in the classroom,” said Farina.

“I just kept thinking about a plaque in my office and it says, ‘be careful, you never know who you are going to inspire,'” said Dr. Mary Jo Melvin, PHD, Edinboro University.

Congratulations to McKinley School’s outstanding teacher Ashley Farina, this week’s JET 24 Edinboro University Golden Apple Award winner.

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