We are back in the Wattsburg School District this week for another Golden Apple Award presentation.

This week’s Golden Apple Winner is Sarah McCall, a Seneca High School science teacher.

For five years, the Penn West University graduate has been teaching honors biology and AP environmental science.

“I really like to see that ah-hah moment when they’re learning something new in science and it kind of clicks all together for them,” said Sarah McCall, Golden Apple winner.

But more than science, what Ms. McCall hopes to do is make a difference in the lives of her students.

“One of the biggest things that I’ve focused on my entire career is student relationships.  Making students know that they are a person I care about and the person they’re going to be when they leave me. That’s super important to me,” McCall added.

“If you need help with anything, and not just science, you can go there and she can help you with it. Or even personal problems, she’ll talk to you about it and help you through it,” said Elliana Barnes, student nominator.

And that’s why her students keep coming back because Elliana said Ms. McCall goes above and beyond.

“The reward for me is when they come and hang out and tell me about their day, when anybody just stops by and tells me how things are going or if they ask for help and I can do that for them. That’s the reward for me. Just to be able to be there other than just teaching them science,” McCall said.

“When students say teachers go above and beyond that means they’re making extra connections with them. And as Elliana said, relationships mean so much. And when you build those relationships with your students, the students come excited to learn, prepared to learn, and really want to engage in the lessons with you,” said Dr. Andy Pushchak, Penn West University.