JET 24 and PennWest Edinboro University honored a Millcreek teacher that was nominated for a Golden Apple Award by a brother and sister.

Tracy Chrzanowski is a 4th-grade teacher at Grandview Elementary School in Millcreek. Like most teachers, she’s honored to receive the Golden Apple for what it means about her relationship with her students.

“They have maybe a special memory of me or they feel I have made some sort of special impact in their life and that means the world to me. That’s why I got into teaching. It means everything to me,” said Tracy Chrzanowski, Golden Apple winner.

Brother and sister Jacob and Jane Garres both had Ms. Chrzanowski and wrote that she is kind, caring, fun and has changed their relationship about school.

“She would always have fun packets to do, and we would always work in groups. It was more fun, and when it’s fun, it’s easier to understand it,” said Jane Garres, student co-nominator.

Ms. Chrzanowski not only makes it fun to learn reading, writing and arithmetic, but along the way, there are life lessons.

“We’re working on academics but we’re also working on social skills, working on being responsible, being respectful. Here at Grandview, we soar.  We’re safe, organized, accepting and respectful, so a lot goes into a day, not just academics. We’ve got a lot going on,” Chrzanowski added.

“She’s an excellent role model for academics, but also for acceptance and teamwork. I really believe that those life skills are skills these young people are learning today by being engaged in the classroom and they are going to take them with them as they go into adulthood,” said Dr. Mary Jo Melvin, PennWest University.