Golden Apple- Carla McKenna

Golden Apple Award

A great teacher makes a lasting impact. Sometimes this impact lasts a lifetime.

Tonight’s Golden Apple student nominator wants you to know about the special teacher in her life.

This week we are in the Northwestern School District. Carla McKenna has been teaching sixth grade here for 16 years.

McKenna’s life as a teacher and coach began with one of her coaches back when all she wanted to do was play basketball.

“You just learn life lessons in sports and that relates life. Like my coach would always say being on time is late. To be on time you have to be early and that’s a life lesson. Working as a team, people skills, there’s so many things kids get out of sports that help them with everyday life and with school,” said Carla McKenna, Golden Apple Award Winner.

This week’s student nominator isn’t in Mrs. McKenna’s class. In fact, she wasn’t in her class last year.

McKenna teaches sixth grade and our student nominator is in the ninth grade.

“She always had these fun ways of teaching. Different projects and different grades we played to help us learn it better and I always had fun with it,” said Lauren Thorpe, Student Nominator.

While games help teach, Mrs. McKenna said that success is more important than that.

“It’s just getting to know them outside of the classroom. What do they like, what are they active in? I see them down the halls. I say how ya doing. Just take an interest in the kid,” said McKenna.

“The powerful thing she does is create a sense of community. She gets to know who her students are, what makes them tick, and that’s how she supports them in all avenues,” said Mary Jo Melvin, PHD from Edinboro University.

And that is why Carla McKenna is this week’s JET 24 Edinboro University’s Golden Apple Award winner.

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