Golden Apple: Kelsey Musich

Golden Apple Award

It’s a first for the Golden Apple Program. Never before in the 31 years of honoring teachers has the award presentation gone quite like this.

This week we’re in the cafeteria of Fairview Middle School.

This is Annette Musich, a cafeteria monitor at Fairview Middle School, and she is going to present the Golden Apple to her daughter who teaches at the middle school.

Kelsey Musich has been a teacher for four years and now she is getting a surprise from mom and one of her students.

Ms. Musich is a product of the Fairview School District who always wanted to work with kids.

“I originally wanted to be a physical therapist, and then things changed. I started in early childhood education and then things dramatically changed. That wasn’t working for me and then I went to secondary and I absolutely love it,” said Kelsey Musich, Golden Apple Award Winner.

When it comes to what she enjoys the most, Ms. Musich said that she enjoys being with and talking to the students.

“I’m getting emotional now. Just being here everyday and having them relate to me, talk to me. They bring me gifts, they’re excited to see me, maybe not so excited to write and read but they do because of the connection we have,” said Musich.

And it is that connection that motivated RJ Brim to write this week’s nomination.

“She would just check in with everyone, not just me, but with everyone of her students, and it was like a personal connection we had too,” said RJ Brim, Student nominator.

“When a student enjoys what he or she is doing, and they enjoy being in place doing that, then they’re going to learn,” said Mary Jo Melvin, PHD, Edinboro University.

And for that Kelsey Musich is this week’s JET 24 Edinboro University’s Golden Apple Award winner.

“I want to nominate Ms. Musich for the Golden Apple Award. Ms. Musich made class very enjoyable. I went into school and always looked forward to going into her class. I was excited to get to her class because she always found a way to make learning fun. Whether it was doing a different group activity (while being our safe distance) or doing something on our own, or with the whole class. If me or any of my classmates were having trouble with something, she always made sure she would help. Ms. Musich is an understanding, caring, kind teacher. I think everyone who has had her can agree. She always would help us go through something again as a whole class or individually if we needed her to. During her class, I found myself grow as a student and grow my knowledge of Enligh Language Arts. Whether that is my grammar skills, writing skills, or reading skills. I think I gained all of this knowledge because of her teaching. As I said, it was actually fun to learn. If we had a grammar test, we always played a Kahoot the day before the test which made her class even more enjoyable. Last year, school was tough as a student, and I can’t imagine how hard it was for a teacher. Between online school or hybrid learning, it wasn’t easy. But Ms. Musich still found a way to make class enjoyable. That is why I want to nominate Ms. Musich to win the Golden Apple Award this school year for being such an amazing teacher.”

RJ Brim, Student Nominator

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