Golden Apple- Korin Koeth

Golden Apple Award

Do you ever feel like you have the best job in the world? That’s exactly how this week’s Golden Apple winning school teacher feels.

In college, Korin Koeth decided that Pre Dental was not for her and then switched her major to Education.

For the past five years, she has spent her days in a Kindergarten classroom and wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It’s just the magic of kindergarten. They’re actually wonderful, and with COVID this year, they know no difference. They are still experiencing kindergarten, having the best time, still learning and awesome to be a part of,” said Korin Koeth, Golden Apple Award Winner.

Little Sullivan Mofett loves Ms. Kaeth.

“I love her so much because she’s kind and always sweet,” said Sullivan Mofett, Student Nominator.

The parents of this week’s student nominator said that Miss. Kaeth is that special teacher who gets to know each of the students in her classroom.

“The need to learn their letters. Math is important. All of our standards are so important that come from the state and we get there, but relationships first, mutual respect even at five is important,” said

“She makes them feel smart, feel safe. She makes them smile. She builds their confidence. These are all universal feelings we all want to feel whether we are in kindergarten or an adult,” said

Thanks for being that special teacher Korin Kaeth, this week’s Golden Apple award winner.

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