There are 10 reasons why a teacher in the Millcreek School District received this week’s Golden Apple Award.

Mrs. Kristin Parmeter has been teaching school for 27 years. All of it at James S. Wilson Middle School in the Millcreek School District.

She’s the Phys Ed teacher, and her passion for teaching actually came from teaching.

“Years ago I started teaching swimming lessons over at McDowell High School, and I just loved that feeling of kids coming up to you and saying thank you, thanks for being there for me,” said Kristin Parmeter, Golden Apple winner.

Abby Runyan, the student nominator, had nine different reasons why she nominated Mrs. Parmeter for the Golden Apple Award. To sum it up, she said this teacher takes care of more than the students physical well-being.

In her letter Abby wrote:

“She takes students that need it under her wing. If you are having a bad day, she will stop to listen and help you to the best of her ability.”

“We want to see them succeed in life and we always talk about preparing them for life after JS Wilson. We want them to be safe and happy and healthy and there’s a bunch of people in this building that are going to help them get to that point,” said Dr. Mary Jo Melvin, PennWest University. ”I’d like to add reason number 10 to make it the top 10 reasons why mrs parmeter is this weeks golden apple, and that is because the gift she shares on a daily basis with her students, and that gift is not only her time, but also herself.”