Golden Apple- Phillip Daniels

Golden Apple Award

Different cultures come together in a Fairview social studies class.

This has inspired one student to nominate this weeks Golden Apple Award winning teacher.

Phillip Daniels is a 7th grade social studies teacher at Fairview Middle School. This graduate of Grove City College said that teaching students about the world in person and online is important.

“More than that, it’s important to walk away with an understanding that of others and others cultures, and learn about what draws us together as people in general but also some of the things that make us unique,” said Phillip Daniels, Golden Apple Award Winner.

Daniels said that young people need to know it’s okay to be different. This week’s student nominator said that she used to be bullied because of her name.

Mr. Daniels however helped her through that. The student calls Mr. Daniels considerate, creative, open minded and dedicated.

That has caused the student to love learning.

“I was never interested in social studies until I came to his class because we were learning about something new about cultures and different religions and it was just very interesting,” said Salam Daghestanti, Student Nominator.

“He’s creating an experience, an experience that all of these students are living through, and they are learning what it means to be culturally diverse,” said Mary Jo Melvin, PHD, Edinboro University.

“Seeing these students like Salem and others who find meaning out of what we are doing and grow and it does make an impact you talk about wanting to change the world and it starts with individuals and that seems really locked and random but it is what we do and what we do matters,” said Daniels.

It does indeed and that’s why Phillip Daniels is this weeks JET 24 Edinboro University Golden Apple Winner.

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