Golden Apple – Shelly Ferretti

Golden Apple Award

Shelly Ferretti has been teaching about a dozen years, but nothing compares to this year, where her students are all on a screen rather than in a classroom. 

She pursued teaching because she wanted to make a difference, especially for those that struggle.

“One of the reasons I got into it is because I had some struggles growing up that weren’t noticed.  I looked like a good student and had a great family but I had some struggles, and so that always gave me a sensitivity for kids to work past the outward appearance and help kids learn how great they can be,” says Shelly Ferretti, a fourth grade teacher at Elk Valley Elementary School. 

This weeks student nominator acknowledges that learning and teaching online is hard, but Mrs. Ferretti teaches them to overcome challenges. 

“You have to do a lot of stuff with the computer, and you have to stay home and not flip your lid.  That’s what she tells us, don’t flip your lid.  And I think she does a really great job,” says student nominator Nora Marsh. 

“Here’s a 4th grader who sees a teacher who is committed, dedicated, who loves not only loves the student but loves the profession itself,” says Mary Jo Melvin, PhD. 

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