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Golden Apple Award

When someone is really good at what they do, excellence shines through year after year.

That’s why it’s not unusual for a great teacher to win a Golden Apple Award more than once.

We headed over to Saegertown to explain why on this segment of Golden Apple.

Mr. Steve Simcheck is a 10th grade math teacher at Saegertown High school and has won the Golden Apple Award before.

What’s the secret?

“What my parents taught me still works, so you know caring for the kids and appreciating what they do and not judging them for any of their differences makes them feel comfortable in my classroom,” said Steve Simcheck, Golden Apple Award Winner.

Mr. Simcheck was nominated by Brooke McKinney, Tori Miller, Ryan Yoder, Nicole Oaks and Ashton Henry.

“I like that Mr. Simcheck connects with each student on a personal level and he tries to teach everybody individually and gives everybody equal attention,” said Tori Miller, Student Nominator.

“He’s really patient with students and he’s really caring about students and really cares about what we do in and out of class,” said Ryan Yoder, Student Nominator.

Simcheck said that students feel comfortable in his classroom and that the setting is a family type of atmosphere.

Clearly this 31 year veteran has a presence in the lives of each of these young people.

“And that presence is more than a physical presence. There’s a presence in each one of these students that I think they carry outside of the classroom,” said Dr. Mary Jo Melvin, PHD, Edinboro University.

“I love the kids, I love the kids. They need me and I need them,” said Simcheck.

Steve Simcheck is a two time JET 24 Edinboro University Golden Apple Award Winner.

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