Golden Apple: Tiffany Huster

Golden Apple Award

Teachers are hard at work this school year while teaching students both online and in the classrooms.

Now more than ever, it’s a good time to thank educators for their hard work.

That’s why for the 30th school year, JET 24 is honoring teachers with the Golden Apple Award.

Here is our first Golden Apple Award for the school year from Girard High School.

Tiffany Huster is a 12th grade science teacher at Girard High School. She teaches what she calls the fun science which includes astronomy, meteorology, paleontology, and natural disasters.

What makes these sciences fun?

“How they are taught. I think as long as you get the kids involved and you make it their class not just your class and you let them know that everytime that bell rings they can’t wait to come into your classroom, you are doing a great job,” said Tiffany Huster, Golden Apple Winner.

Ms. Huster is also in charge of the Positive Behavior in School Club which teaches young people how to make positive decisions at home, in school and the community. It is a popular and successful club.

“Our program would not work if it weren’t for them, the way they act, behave, make these decisions and promote what we are trying to teach them,” said Huster.

This week’s student nominator is now a freshman in college. She said that Ms. Huster has had a huge impact on her life.

“She was a teacher for me, but she was also a mentor for me. So on top of being an amazing teacher and teaching me all the amazing things that she did, she also helped me out outside of the school,” said Lauren Brady, Student Nominator.

During the pandemic, Edinboro University is happy to join us in recognizing outstanding educators like Tiffany Huster.

“I’m very grateful that we have a teacher who not only knows how to take the curriculum and breathe life into it, but also create environments where all students are valued,” said Mary Jo Melvin, PHD, Edinboro University.

To nominate a teacher making a difference in your life, go to the contest page here at

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