The Pennsylvania HBPA joins with all of Pennsylvania’s racetracks, horsemen’s groups, and regulators to prioritize the following:

•    Ensuring that racing throughout the Commonwealth, including at Presque Isle Downs in Erie, is conducted with the utmost honesty and integrity
•    Going far beyond “every reasonable precaution,” to make certain that these beloved racehorses are healthy and safe

The Pennsylvania HBPA has produced a series of three videos, to illustrate that commitment.  

Below, please learn about the many levels of veterinary oversight received by each horse on a typical race day, both before and after a race:

The testing protocols at the University of Pennsylvania's Equine Testing and Research Laboratory (PETRL) are second to none.  This video provides a glimpse at PETRL's state of the art machinery as well as its world-class staff, led by Dr. Mary Robinson.  PETRL's testing, as well as their ongoing, innovative research, helps horse racing in Pennsylvania meet – and exceed – the highest standards.  Racing in Pennsylvania is as clean as any sport, anywhere.  

To the untrained eye, most horses pretty much look like most other horses.  At Presque Isle Downs as well as statewide, a fundamental element of protecting racing's integrity is the identification process.  A highly-skilled professional inspects each horse, shortly before a race. This confirms that the horse listed in your program is actually that horse.  But obviously, a racehorse doesn't have a passport or a drivers license.  So how are racehorses positively ID'd? Watch!

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