16-year-old develops video game to relieve stress over COVID-19 and spread education about the vaccine


In light of the rollout of the the COVID-19 vaccinations, many people in Pennsylvania are playing a new online video game to relieve some stress over the virus.

Two months ago, 16-year-old Josh Ternyak from Minnesota developed COVID Invaders after receiving some advice from a friend Roman Peysakhovich about two months ago.

Ternyak has been programming for five years and thought of an easy game with only two controls.

Ternyak thought that this would be a great way to educate kids about the COVID-19 vaccine as well as help adults relieve some frustration from the Coronavirus in a fun way.

“I definitely wanted to launch the game right when the vaccines were rolling out. More people would start playing it and kind of talking about it. And also it just makes the virus less scary. Many people in their 20’s play this game. Even many people in their 60’s play this game,” said Josh Ternyak, Creator of COVID Invaders.

If you would like to play this game for free, click here.

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