While the COVID numbers continue to drop, Erie’s medical community continues to call for common sense and caution.

Right now there are fewer than 10 people being treated for COVID-19 at UPMC Hamot.

The advice is designed to keep the numbers dropping and is familiar for those at high risk.

The advice includes getting vaccinated, wear a mask, stay at home if you feel sick, and get tested.

The dominant variant however continues to affect a wide range of people.

“We do see the case seem to be less severe. So people aren’t requiring as much oxygen, and while we do see some patients that do require higher levels of care, this time around we haven’t had a lot more mild cases,” said Emily Shears, UPMC Hamot VP Quality.

Meanwhile, AHN Saint Vincent is reporting 15 patients with COVID-19.

However, hospital officials said that most of these cases came to Saint Vincent for other reasons.

The patients were then swabbed and tested positive for COVID-19.

If they had to be admitted for the original reason that they came to the hospital, they were placed in the COVID unit.