Beautiful weather brings individuals outside during COVID-19 pandemic


The beautiful weather is bringing people outside today, even during the pandemic.

We spoke to families who are taking advantage of what feels like the beginning of spring.

Families at Frontier Park and Dobbins Landing are saying that getting outside helps them feel a little less stir crazy.

Since the stay at home order started in April, Pennsylvania residents have been stuck at home for over two weeks now.

Members of the Erie community are enjoying some of the spring weather while still keeping a social distance to others.

“We try to get out with the kids as much as possible considering all the parks are closed. We know how important it is to get some fresh air and sunshine, and it helps these kids from getting too stir crazy as well,” said Victoria Lund, Erie Resident.

The Lunds aren’t the only family spending time at Dobbins landing. Jerry and Anna Keller are a father and daughter who are also picking up a new hobby.

“She just showed an interest in fishing so we went and got a license and decided to just try to get out of the house for a little bit. Being in the house you can go a little crazy,” said Jerry Keller, Erie Resident.

Other families ventured to Frontier Park to get some exercise. One mother said her kids like to stay active.

“My kids are super physically active and we just live down the street so this is a huge blessing to be so close to the fresh air which is good for all of us physically and mentally,” said Andrienne Riegle, Erie Resident.

Some people who are getting outside today are saying that in addition to helping them feel better mentally and physically, this is a great way to spend quality time with their family.

“I’m here to fish for trout with my grandfather cause we haven’t spent much time together lately. I’m just trying to get out here since it’s a nice day and fish a little,” said Alex Rogers, Erie Resident.

Alex and his grandfather Doug Rogers are keeping up their tradition of fishing in the Frontier Park creeks. Meanwhile other families are trying to figure out ways to keep their kids entertained.

“It’s been fun to spend as much quality time together as we’ve been able to. We find fun things to do at home, fun learning activities and ways to keep them busy and being outside is definitely one of those ways,” said Victoria Lund, Erie Resident.

This is a reminder that starting tomorrow don’t forget to bring your mask if you are going outdoors.

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