Cleveland Clinic officials provide data proving individuals with Multiple Sclerosis are not at greater risk for COVID-19


A recent study is showing some encouraging results when it comes to COVID-19 and people with a certain pre-existing condition.

Researchers found that people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, or MS, are not at greater risk for complications from COVID-19.

Neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic said that they looked at data from more than 1,600 MS patients with COVID-19 in North America.

They made some interesting discoveries including how MS therapies impact COVID-19 complications.

They also found that a majority of MS treatments didn’t make a difference. However, there were a few treatments such as steroids that led to worse outcomes.

“It doesn’t appear that having MS increases the risk for more complications, the rate of hospitalizations, the rate of needing a ventilator, artificial ventilation, the rate of ICU admission and the rate of death. They were all very similar to what we’ve seen overall in the North American Population,” said Dr. Robert Fox, MD, Neurologist at Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Fox said that this information can be helpful for doctors when it comes to caring for patients and discussing prevention.

As for the vaccine, Dr. Fox said that they are recommending people with MS get vaccinated. Dr. Fox added that the preliminary data shows it is considered safe.

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