Community Blood Bank urging people to continue donating amid COVID-19 pandemic


The Community Blood Bank is once again asking for your help to bring the blood supply to a safe level.

The Community Blood Bank said in a written statement, “THIS IS A MATTER OF PUBLIC SAFETY. Premature babies will still be born, cancer patients will still rely on platelets and accidents, traumas and emergency surgeries will still happen. Blood drives are not considered mass gathers, rather they occur in a controlled environment.”

As of this afternoon:

  • O+ is critically low
  • O- is critically low
  • A+ is low
  • A- is low
  • B+ adequate
  • B- adequate
  • AB+ adequate
  • AB- adequate

Please set a little time aside and get to the blood bank and donate. They are located at 2646 Peach Street.

COVID-19 Impact on Local Blood Drives
Drives Lost Donors Lost As of
4 91 3/17/2020
20 850 Projected through 4/30/2020

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Pennsylvania COVID-19 Map

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Health

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