Community Health Net begins the COVID-19 vaccine process


There is some concern over the slow roll out of the vaccine, but today another local healthcare group started the process.

“I kind of feel like a super hero, but really the people I’m injecting in this clinic are the super heroes. They are the ones that are upfront and dealing with the public,” said Renee Gwinn, Director of Medical Services at Community Health Net.

The director of medical services at Community Health Net, Renee Gwin added that health care workers receiving the vaccine said that they want to best protect their family and the ones they care for.

“Let’s just put this year behind us and this is the start of the race for a brand new year, a brand new healthy year. This is going to open up the door for so many people to do so many things that they didn’t have the opportunity to do this year,” said Gwinn.

One of the several healthcare workers received a COVID vaccine and said that those who are most vulnerable to the virus should receive a vaccine when they can.

“I would recommend for everyone to get the vaccine, particularly vulnerable people such as the elderly. I think that’s probably one of the most key groups to hit,” said Jeff Nowak, Pharmacy Manager at Community Health Net.

Another nurse said that people shouldn’t be afraid to receive a vaccine. The nurse said that side affects are not a concern.

“I think the smartest people in the world made it. So I’m happy to trust them and it can’t be worse than the side effects of COVID and the risk of not having it is too much greater,” said Kristian Skogholm, Quality Medical Assistant at Community Health Net.

these healthcare workers said that this year has been devastating for many families. The vaccine gives them hope for 2020.

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