Community members can still call Booker T. Washington Center for assistance


Governor Tom Wolf shutdown all non-essential businesses including community centers, however not all local centers are backing down.

Shantell Hilliard of the Booker T. Washington Center says they are going to move forward with their services. The physical center will remain closed under Governor Wolf and County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper’s orders, but community members can still call the center for assistance with items such as food.

Hilliard says they will be working with organizations to find ways to keep families fed.

“This is a real thing that we’re dealing with. Whatever we need to do to help the state, as well as, our county in regards to fighting this pandemic, we’re going to do whatever it takes,” said Shantell Hilliard, Executive Director, Booker T. Washington Center.

Hilliard added that the WIC Center located at the Booker T. Washington Center is an essential business and will remain open.

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