County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper provides daily COVID-19 update for Erie County


In today’s report County executive Kathy Dahlkemper confirms that Erie County has no new confirmed cases of COVID-19. This leaves the number at 16 cases.

The County Executive also opened up about business waivers granted by Governor Wolf.

Dahlkemper discussed the Health Department visit to Wabtec saying it went well after the company was ordered to let county officials in, adding that there are still changes needed to be made.

Following the Health Departments visit to Wabtec, Dahlkemper said there were both good and bad findings.

She added in the report they noted a number of hand sanitizers, areas staying up to cleaning standards as well as keeping drivers outside of the building.

“We want to make sure the safeguards in place yesterday and the ones that we asked them to change that they implemented and we do the best we can to keep everyone safe, healthy and COVID-19 free,” said Dahlkemper.

According to Dahlkemper the biggest issue over break times when everyone tends to normally congregate and how this can be done in a safer manor.

State Representative Ryan Bizzarro has also talked with the Wolf administration. Bizzarro said normally he would not get involved with how a corporation or business work with their employees.

“It is a public health crisis. We have a smaller hospital system here in Erie County. It cannot take an inflects of patients like that. If God forbid there were a COVID-19 outbreak at Wabtec, it would decimate our hospital system,” said State Representative Ryan Bizzarro.

The county executive also discussed the business waivers sent out.

“The decisions on what businesses are open, closed, get a waiver, are all done on the state level, the Department of Economic and Consultation with the governors administration,” said Dahlkemper.

Dahlkemper added that her husbands company “Dahlkempers Landscape Architects and Contractors” did not work last week or this week.

“They wanted to be in solidarity with all of us. There is actually two landscaper businesses that have Dahlkemper in the name,” said Dahlkemper.

Any Dahlkemper employees you may have seen working are not part of Kathy Dahlkempers family business.

Dahlkemper added that doctors have stated landscaping is low risk business for COVID-19 because you are outside and not working near one another.

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