Ten local leaders from mayors, senators and representatives all signing a letter headed to Governor Tom Wolf concerning the county’s “green” status.

In the letter, a request that Erie County be allowed to go from the current “yellow” phase to the “green” phase no later than June 12th.

The county arguing its rate of COVID-19 cases is lower than the counties that will move to green this Friday. Rep. Ryan Bizzarro sent a similar request to Governor Wolf on May 26th.

“I’m hoping this Friday the governor takes all of our advice into consideration and opens Erie County. Right now, we’re seeing thousands of people doing whatever they want to do. They are going to other counties and getting services we could provide here in Erie.” Rep. Bizzarro said.

The letter also points out that Erie County has over 100 available medical and surgical hospital beds, include ICU and airborne isolation.

You can read the full letter by clicking the link below.