County officials remind Erie County residents to continue following COVID-19 safety guidelines


Low COVID-19 case numbers were reported for Erie County today.

County officials and medical experts remind the community to continue to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Here is more on what could be contributing to these lower numbers.

Local leaders and health experts said that these low numbers are the result of people following guidelines, wearing masks, and keeping social distance for the past couple of weeks.

County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper said that with the holidays behind us, many people are refraining from large gatherings.

Dahlkemper said that the could weather could also be a factor keeping many people at home which could be contributing to these low COVID case numbers.

“The community has been working together well and we’ve got lower numbers, but you have to remember numbers are still higher than they were back in August, September and October,” said Kathy Dahlkemper, (D), Erie County Executive.

Dahlkemper said that the virus is still here moving around the community. She believes Erie residents may be taking the virus more seriously after seeing it’s devastating effects.

“More people now know someone who’s had a very bad case of it or even possibly know someone who has died from this. So I think that’s gotten people to maybe take it more seriously,” said Dahlkemper.

The COVID Medical Advisor for the Erie County Department of Health Dr. Howard Nadworny agrees.

Dr. Nadworny said that there will be consequences for people who disregard the guidelines.

“Socializing again together inside will likely see an increase in cases because it’s going to take us many months before we have enough people vaccinated to really be safe,” said Dr. Howard Nadworny, COVID Medical Advisor for the Erie County Department of Health.

Dr. Nadworny said that through case numbers are low right now. This could be the result of fewer people getting tested.

“Although our numbers are clearly getting better, they are still three times higher than they were at the worst anytime before the end of October. So we’re still having a lot of cases,” said Dr. Nadworny.

Dr. Nadworny said that with more of the elderly population vaccinated, we should see a decrease in COVID related hospitalizations.

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