Many milestones are taking place as people are stuck at home celebrating occasions including birthdays, holidays and anniversaries.

One family did something special for a couple that hasn’t been able to see each other for the past few weeks.

“This is a little glimmer of happiness for us so that he can see them and I get to see him,” said Janice Sivillo, wife celebrating 50th anniversary.

An emotional anniversary for Janice Sivillo as she celebrates 50 years of marriage. Her husband Nick Sivillo is currently inside Walnut Creek Nursing Home.

“This is the safest way for my mom and dad to at least spend some quality time together on their 50th anniversary which is honestly a big deal now and days. I mean you don’t really hear of too many 50th anniversaries,” said Janice Sivillo, Daughter of the married couple.

While the circumstances aren’t what the family had hoped for, they say that the celebration speaks to the dedication of 50 years of marriage.

“In 50 years they’ve had ups and downs they’ve gone through many different things and nothing is always easy but it just shows that you know when you make a commitment to somebody or something you stick through it,” said Cara Sivillo, Daughter of the married couple.

This message has been passed down through generations. The Silvillos grand daughter said they are grateful to have grown up seeing what a strong relationship looks like.

“Watching them as we grew up just kind of gave us like a standard that we wanna follow and especially now we wanna give them this because of how much they’ve given us,” said Ashley Mennow, Grand Daughter of the married couple.

The Sivillo family showed what caring for your loved ones means at a time like this.

“This is something good and it’s kinda nice to see that there are still some good things that you can look forward to,” said Janice Sivillo.

That is great advice for all of us for the next couple of weeks to keep in mind that there is still so much to look forward to.