Allegheny Health Network Saint Vincent is continuing to take necessary precautions in the fight against COVID-19. Tents at the West Ridge Road site are being fogged tonight.

Twice a week, Mammoth Restoration will be disinfecting the drive-up site Allegheny Health Network on West Ridge Road.

“We use a fogging, that puts charged micro-particles in the air. That makes those particles adhere to surfaces and disinfect what it adheres itself to.” said Edward McDermit.

Mammoth Restoration employees will gear up in personal protective equipment before disinfect from every corner, top to bottom. Officials tell us the process is intensive in order to ensure your safety when you get tested.

It starts with preparing a mixture of botantical spray that’s not harmful to breath in. The solution comes out like a fog and settles everywhere in just ten minutes.

“The mist or fog basically with the micro-particles being so small, it gets in every single nook and cranny of whatever you spray.” McDermit said.

He says that taking additional steps to disinfect look to ensure the public’s safety.

“Taking this extra step, that Allegheny Health Network is taking to ensure safety of anybody that comes in for testing and for their employees is crucial to mitigating the virus.” McDermit said.

The mist is also environmentally safe and plant based, so no pollution is released in the air. Once they are done disinfecting, they properly take off their equipment so there’s no cross contamination.