As the fall season continues and cooler weather moves into the region, a local vaccine coordinator says an uptick in COVID cases is taking place.

Jim Caputo of the LECOM Center for Health and Aging said there has been a decent increase in the number of COVID cases along with a rapid spread.

He added the spread is seen not only in long-term care operations but also within community testing.

That data shows hospitalizations are low for COVID, but death cases are up about 4% from the end of August to October across the country.

“There’s a little bit more indoor living with the colder temperatures we’ve had, that’s one. Socialization is still up very high. We’re seeing an increased demand for treatment as well. We operate a test-to-treat site in conjunction with the Erie County Department of Health. At our LECOM Center for Aging, we’ve seen an upswing there for treatment as well with typically Paxlovid,” said Caputo.

Caputo says a tremendous increase in booster shots for COVID have been administered at their facility primarily for adults.