Crawford County Commissioners Office begins contact tracing after COVID-19 outbreak


Crawford County Commissioners are describing the double digit outbreak of COVID-19 at the Crawford County Care Center as not surprising.

Some people are now worried that this is just the beginning.

Tonight Crawford County Commissioners are opening up about the staff members that have tested positive for COVID-19.

At the Crawford County Care Facility, 14 staff members came from a variety of departments from on care staff to house keeping.

“It’s kind of enviable. It was going to happen for us or any nursing home facility for that matter,” said Eric Henry, Crawford County Commissioner.

The cases were identified through routine testing that took place on the 10th, 11th and 12th of this month.

“They immediately had the seven or eight staff members removed, told them to go home and quarantine. They notified the other folks in the same couple of hours,” said Henry.

The number of staff members at the center are about 160. The positive cases were all asymptomatic.

“We’re currently doing contact tracing. Some of those folks were dietary, house keeping, that type of thing. Not all of them were involved with direct patient care,” said John Christopher Soff, Crawford County Commissioner.

So far none of the 127 residents have tested positive for the virus. Contact tracing has however started at the center.

The State Health Department has offered to send the center tracing.

One commissioner said that the cases are a pitfall of wide-spread testing.

“It’s not a surprise unfortunately that of the 160 plus folks who were tested twice in a three day period that 14 of them ended up exhibiting or testing positive for COVID-19,” said Soff.

Since March, the center has been closed for direct visits. In light of the cases, the center will reeducate staff on proper masking and hygiene protocols.

Moving forward, it will now be a S.O.P for staff members as well as residents to be tested weekly for the coronavirus.

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