Crawford County Commissioners react to the double digit spread of COVID-19 at the Crawford County Care Center


Crawford County Commissioners are on the record tonight about the double digit spread of COVID-19 at the Crawford County Care Center.

Here is the reaction from the commissioners and how they are responding to these cases.

It’s important to know that the staff members that have tested positive are asymptomatic. The case numbers were released today after three days of testing.

“We’re obviously concerned about it, but I would also say that we are not in a crisis mode,” said John Christopher Soff, Crawford County Commissioner.

Crawford County Commissioner John Christopher Soff spoke out about the discovery of numerous COVID-19 cases at the Crawford County Care Facility.

This reaction comes as a result from the tests were released on September 15th.

“Fourteen positive results for employees only. So today we found out at noon they’re calling the outbreak protocol by the Department of Health for nursing homes,” said Eric Henry, Crawford County Commissioner.

All affected employees at the center are asymptomatic.

Governor Wolf’s administration continues to take a three pillar approach to protect the vulnerable from the virus. This includes ensuring safety through testing, preventing outbreaks and working in partnership with long term facility operators.

“We understand the serious nature of it. We’re not taking it lightly, but we’re not trying to be over reactionary,” said Soff.

Employees that tested positive are not working and plans are in place to supplement staff.

“Following the outbreak protocol, which obviously requires a little more diligence on the movement of patients, and the employees and getting the test results back quickly,” said Henry.

Contact tracing is underway to determine whether any residents are affected.

The Crawford County Care Center is being asked to test staff members at least twice a week.

The center spokesperson also said that they are continuing to practice proper mask and hygiene protocols.

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