Crawford County enters green phase, business owners are anxious to open their doors


Crawford County is one of 17 state wide counties heading into the green phase this week.

We talked with some business owners who are anxious about opening their doors.

Even in the green phase, businesses that are getting ready to open will still need to take precautions including restricting the number of people inside a building.

Laurie Freysinger is the owner of Harmony Formals. She said common sense goes into most of her decisions.

“So when someone tries on something that I have, I put those clothes in quarantine for a few days so nobody else will be trying those on,” said Laurie Freysinger, Owner of Harmony Formals.

Freysinger is also sanitizing all surfaces and asking everyone to wear a mask.

“I have read what the CDC has put out. I have read what they say for people to do as they open back up, and I feel with my common sense and reading some of their guidelines, I can do that,” said Freysinger.

Another business that is getting ready to open back up in the green phase is Indigo Boutique & Botanica. The owner of the store is taking the precautions seriously.

“Right now I am setting shopping appointments so people can call or message me on Facebook or Instagram. They set up a 30 minute or 60 minute shopping time and then the space is held just for them,” said Leslie Flint, Owner of Indigo Boutique & Botanica.

Flint said that while she is eager to get back to business, there is still a state of confusion.

“I think that everyone is stuck in the space right now. They don’t know what the right answer is and maybe they think that they do, but it’s a green phase but a grey area,” said Flint.

The whole list of guidelines for employers moving into the green phase can be found here.

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