Edinboro resident collects food donations for food pantry during COVID-19 pandemic


One Edinboro resident is collecting food donations for a local pantry.

Jack Camphire came up with the idea to put a basket in his front yard with signs saying that he is accepting food donations.

Camphire will deliver the donations to the Edinboro Food Pantry and says he wants to help those in need during these uncertain times.

“It brings us all together and people realize some of us need help. I’m fortunate I don’t so I like to do what I can do what I can to help someone else,” said Camphire.

This act of kindness began when Camphire decided to put the basket out on his lawn Saturday morning.

He plans on delivering the donations to the Edinboro Food Pantry this Monday. Camphire said this may become a regular occurrence of giving back during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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