State Representative’s Ryan Bizzarro, Pat Harkins and Bob Merski, all D-Erie, announced today that the Erie Art Museum and the Erie County Historical Society will receive $13,000 in federal funding for COVID emergency relief.

The historical society will receive $7,000 and the art museum will receive $6,000.

“As we reopen, rebuild and restructure to adapt to life during the pandemic, it’s critical that we continue supporting these special places that showcase and preserve our unique Erie history and culture,” Merski said. “The artwork and documents they protect and display serve as a chronicle for future generations about how our community persevered and survived — even during times of adversity. Keeping them operating is as important now as ever.” 

Harkins said, “In addition to collecting and preserving unique and important art and artifacts, our Erie Art Museum and Historical Society do so much to keep our community educated and engaged through learning, community programs, classes and events. This funding will help ensure that these important community centers can continue operating to provide these services now and in the months to come.” 

Bizzarro said, “Through their exhibits and displays, our Erie Art Museum and Historical Society play an important role in attracting visitors and tourists to our area, which is important to our local economy. This funding is going to ensure that these well-loved Erie institutions continue operating and are able to provide the safest possible environment for staff and visitors.”

The grant is part of package of $780,500 in emergency relief grants under the Pennsylvania Humanities Council’s CARES Program – funded by the CARES Act – to 140 state cultural nonprofits that have been impacted by the pandemic.