Erie County Blasco Library gathers Erie County community leaders to hear their story on how COVID-19 impacted their lives


The Erie County Blasco Library has gathered 40 Erie County community leaders to lock in their story on how COVID-19 has impacted their lives.

Mayor Joe Schember happens to be one of the dozen residents to share his personal impact.

Staff members of the Erie County Library feel that it’s important to capture these stories for future generations to understand the history we’re currently living.

We are all living in a decade where many of us have to deal with a killer COVID-19. We have all witnessed the impact of this virus.

But the unknown has triggered many in Erie County to seal in their personal encounters about COVID-19.

Mayor Schember is one of 40 residents who will be part of sharing his voice at the Erie County Library.

The mayor has shared the loss of his 73-year-old cousin.

He said that his cousin spent some time in the hospital and recovered from COVID-19. However, a couple of months later his cousin had heart problems after contracting the disease.

“He was having chest pains. They did call the emergency vehicle from my understanding. He had six heart attacks on the way to the hospital and died before they could get him there,” said Mayor Joe Schember, (D) City of Erie.

So many countless people have lost a loved one from COVID-19, but documenting the voices that are alive won’t be lost.

“Capturing history is something that the library does. It’s also something that a lot of vibrant heritage institutions do and this is just one piece of a larger effort,” said Andrew Miller, Adult Services Manager at Blasco Library.

Miller said that he thinks it’s easy for many to forget how hard things can be when being complacent.

He said that this project is intended to preserve the history to an online database.

“You know when things are going good. So it’s always important to capture stories of hard times and learn about that resilience piece,” said Miller.

The public can also participate in this project by heading to the library’s website.

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