Erie County businesses prepare for reopening during the yellow phase of COVID-19 pandemic


It’s a busy week for business owners who are planning to re-open while much of the region moves into the state’s yellow phase of the pandemic restrictions this Friday.

We spoke to some business owners preparing to open under this new norm.

This is still a gray area for some businesses. The county as well as business owners are waiting on clarification at the moment.

As the clock ticks down to Friday, select stores in the county are preparing to open while adjusting to a new form of operation.

One area business group allowed to open is grooming services.

“It was great news. My groomers are super excited and happy to get back to work. We had so many customers complain that their dogs were super matted,” said Mike Amann, Owner of TLC Grooming.

With the resuming businesses however comes some changes. Customers are now required to wear a mask inside salons while also maintaining social distancing.

The grooming service is also operating under a minimum contact drop off service. Owner of the TLC Grooming Amann said that the lack of guidance from the state has been disappointing.

“The news was so back and forth that it was frustrating. Like I said most groomers live paycheck to paycheck. It was very difficult,” said Amann.

The owner of the Sassy Peacock said that she is excited to open her business come Friday and she is optimistic with how business will go.

“It’s hard because everything comes out of the business like where I live, your car payment, everything. It’s not like working from home when you still get a paycheck. There’s been no deposit for the last two months,” said Cindy Fredericks, Owner of the Sassy Peacock.

Currently the Sassy Peacock is accepting appointments for drop-off items in 30 minute time frames.

Customers will also be required to wear a face mask and keep social distancing.

Like many other business owners, Fredericks is nervous to see how the yellow phase will progress.

“They almost lead you to believe if there is a flare up with this virus again. We’ll get shut down again, which is already making people afraid to go out. I guess we’ll see what the next two weeks brings. Now is when people are getting out. If there is going to be a flare up, it will be within two weeks,” said Fredericks.

We did reach out to the Millcreek Mall to see if they were resuming business on Friday.

A spokesperson did not wish to comment other than that they are waiting for more guidance from the state.

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