Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper sees alarming rise in COVID-19 cases in younger people


Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper said that the COVID-19 virus is trending at an alarming rate in younger people.

Now that everyone in the state ages 16 and over can get the COVID-19 vaccine, Dahlkemper hopes that those high cases can go down.

Dahlkemper said that there are very few cases in those who are 65 and older because many were able to get the vaccination in phase 1A. She said that this is proof that the vaccine is working.

The vaccine however is not 100% effective.

“It is still extremely important that we will all wear our masks, that we wear it when we are outside of our home, whether we are vaccinated or not,” said Kathy Dahlkemper, Erie County Executive.

The county is also working on bringing the vaccine to people as opposed to them driving all the way to the hospital. They have held several vaccination clinics in rural areas, and they plan to have more.

“But as we start to find out people that are struggling a little bit more to get the vaccine, it’s best to get the vaccine close to those peoples homes so they can have better access,” said Dahlkemper.

Chris Clark with AHN Saint Vincent said people need to know that the vaccines are safe.

“Our focus at this point is to address the hesitancy that exists in receiving the vaccine. We know it is safe and effective which is now our personal experience after administering 42K doses as of today,” said Chris Clark from AHN Saint Vincent.

The county executive said that testing for COVID is still a good tool to prevent the spread.

The county mobile testing until will be in various places this week. To find out where the mobile testing until will be click here.

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