Erie County Executive provides daily COVID-19 update with low new positive case numbers


Erie county is seeing low numbers of COVID-19 cases once again. On May 12th there were two newly reported positive cases in Erie county.

Of these two new cases both individuals are in their twenties and live at the same address within zone five.

There are currently many questions that surround the green phase and when it could potentially happen.

County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper said that the Governor’s office has not made any advances towards a green phase, but believes that the entire state would need to enter the yellow phase before moving to green. This however was not set in stone.

With Erie County in the yellow phase, County Medical Director Anthony Snow said that county residents must not let their guard down when it comes to mitigation efforts.

“If we all don’t keep diligent and keep our guards, remember we’re doing it for ourselves and each other. We’re doing it to attain social freedom, economic freedom that we so desire,” said Dr. Anthony Snow, M.D. Erie county Department of Health.

To this day, Erie County has 122 positive cases of COVID-19 with two deaths and 97 cases recovered.

Correction: Dr. Anthony Snow was quoted on keeping diligent, not Dahlkemper.

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Pennsylvania COVID-19 Map

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Health

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