Erie County launches new $875,000 program aimed to assist businesses affected by Governor Tom Wolf’s COVID restrictions


Erie County is launching a new $875,000 program aimed to assist businesses affected by Governor Tom Wolf’s new COVID restrictions.

We spoke with business owners about this program. It’s a first apply, first process basis for area businesses.

Qualifying businesses could receive up to $5,000. Businesses impacted by COVID-19 restrictions will have a chance to receive a helping hand from the county.

Governor Tom Wolf’s newest limited time mitigation order served as monetary arteries as businesses were starting to return to a new norm.

The owner of Dominick’s said that it’s hard to say how hard this order will impact them hoping that it only lasts for three weeks.

“I’m sure every small business is grateful for anything we can get, but in the end game it’s really not enough, but it will help,” said Tony Ferraro, Owner of Dominick’s.

Over in the West Erie Plaza, the owner of Icing on the Lake said that she is happy to see the county provide assistance to small businesses.

“Luckily I’m not even going to even enter in try to get the grant they’re providing right now,” said Heidi Fette, Owner of Icing on the Lake.

Fette explained that business has been steady for them.

“I just feel very blessed and I feel that there is probably so many more businesses that are more deserving of it right now,” said Fette.

Both businesses said there would not be a possibility of staying open without a strong customer base and a dedicated community.

“The whole community is amazing as far as I’m concerned. After the first round, first shutdown, the community proved they wanted us here. They weren’t going to let us go which was an amazing feeling,” said Ferraro.

“They have supported us so much. It gets me choked up. This place is booming. It’s a blessing,” said Fette.

The program runs now through Tuesday December 22nd. To see if you qualify for this grant click here.

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