Erie Day School moves to online instruction

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Despite the school shut down, some students are still logging in to learn.

The Erie Day School has moved to online learning for students and have yet to miss a day of class due to COVID-19.

Using different online classrooms, teachers are still distributing work to students and allowing them to ask questions.

 When it comes to tests, teachers are asking the parents to sign the bottom of it to verify that the student followed the schools honor code.

“Comments are coming directly to my email and since its on my phone I can go out and be doing something and have a student ask a question and I can respond immediately. Its not as if they feel disconnected, we do still have that personal connection, being able to help them with their learning, help them answer questions, help them get feedback,” said Brian Gutowski, teacher, Erie Day School.

In order to ensure every student is able to complete work, the school provided laptops or an iPad if needed.

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Source: Pennsylvania Department of Health

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