Erie hospitals see an uprising number in COVID-19 hospitalizations


There is a rising number of COVID-19 hospitalizations in the Erie region.

UPMC Hamot and Saint Vincent hospitals are both reporting double digit hospitalization numbers following Thanksgiving.

UPMC Hamot reported just under 60 patients were admitted to the COVID-19 ward with three of those patients on ventilators.

AHN Saint Vincent reported that 36 patients with COVID-19 have been admitted to their hospital.

This comes after Erie County continues to face an upswing of new COVID-19 cases.

On average, patients are staying about six days with some rare cases staying nearly 14 days.

UPMC Hamot’s Chief Nursing Officer James Donnelley said that they anticipate more cases to be admitted.

Donnelley said that they look at the rate of positivity.

“That for tells us what we can expect in terms of admissions. We have seen an uptick in both positivity rate and total cases from the county,” said James Donnelley, Chief Nursing Officer at UPMC Hamot.

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Source: Pennsylvania Department of Health

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