Erie International Airport looks to bounce back after pandemic passes


The executive director of the Erie International Airport said that he is hopeful that recent cutbacks in service can be reversed once the pandemic has passed.

In recent weeks, carriers have reduced flights and tower crews have reduced hours both due to the lack of customers.

Erie had 421 customers in April. This is compared to the 9,000 that flew out of the airport back in April of 2019.

Executive Director Derek Martin said that because all airports are hurting right now, it stands to reason that they can come back once passengers return to their seats.

“For example, Canton/Akron before the pandemic had 25 daily departures. Now they are down to three so it’s not just an Erie thing, it’s other airports. We have the service here and out of the community we hope people will continue to use it and the service will continue to grow and come back,” said Derek Martin, Executive Director of the Erie International Airport.

Across the country, air travel remains down by more than 95%.

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