Erie Playhouse faces hardships like many theaters across the nation


It is now official, across the nation the lights of many theaters including Broadway have been forced to go dark. The Erie Playhouse is one of them.

We were live at the Erie Playhouse to explain the updates on the theater.

It is going to take a while for many Broadway shows to get back to normal. Recently theaters including Broadway across the board have shut their doors until January of 2021.

Now here in Erie, the Playhouse is in a similar boat.

The local theater has canceled it’s 2019-2020 season and the executive director of the theater said they won’t anticipate opening their doors to the community until January.

The staff here at the Playhouse said that it’s heartbreaking that people won’t get to enjoy the arts in a community setting because of the pandemic.

“We’re trying to make all of our decisions with the safety of our actors, with our community and with our patrons in mind. We want to ensure we’re looking out for them first and foremost and we just don’t feel there’s a way we can safely, financially and responsibly open our doors before January,” said Kate Neubert, Executive Director of the Erie Playhouse.

Connecting with the community isn’t officially over.

Theaters across the board are having a tough time connecting with people, but the Erie Playhouse has found a way.

Even though the theater can’t connect with the community in person, the Playhouse is doing that digitally.

The pandemic has caused a lot of changes for many theaters across the nation.

Cast members from the Erie Playhouse are unpaid, but the managing staff who are both full-time and part-time, are still on furlough.

Although Erie is in the green phase, the theater still has four staff members working at this time.

The good news is that the Erie Playhouse will be presenting an online performance of “Kills Monsters” for everyone to enjoy in August.

“We’ve shifted to an online platform. We have a show called ‘Kill Monsters.’ That’ll be presented online in August. Also we have new catalog classes that’s going to be released and they’ll all be online so we have really moved to a digital platform trying to help people connect digitally even though they can’t do it in person safely,” said Neubert.

You can purchase your tickets for this show online here.

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