Erie residents enjoy Memorial Day at local businesses celebrating the lifting of COVID restrictions


For Memorial Day this year it’s back to business for restaurants and other service shops with the end of restrictions on capacity.

This means another stride towards normalcy as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to drop off in Erie County.

We spoke to people at Waldameer and local restaurants. These people said that it is great to be out again and to celebrate the lift of capacity restrictions on Memorial Day.

Now that businesses are back to full capacity, this gave one veteran the opportunity to reunite with family and friends on Memorial Day at Waldameer Park after a year of not seeing each other.

“Spent the weekend with our good friends family and you know this is where I want to be,” said Todd Morelend, Veteran.

The group is happy to see some of the COVID-19 restrictions being lifted.

“It’s just so awesome compared to last year and quarantine. Everyone had to wear masks and quarantine and everything, and we didn’t know which way this virus was going to go,” said Mark Diehl, Attendee.

Seeing more people enter the park almost feels the same as it did before the pandemic.

“It feels like a regular Memorial Day or normal holiday in Erie seeing people in the park like this. Last year we didn’t have any days with this kind of attendance. It’s just wonderful to see the response that people still like Waldameer and they are willing to come,” said Steve Gorman, President at Waldameer & Waterworld.

Elsewhere in town, people are happy to see the lift of restrictions in restaurants.

People enjoyed the bar and atmosphere at Woody’s Backwater Barge & Grill. These people said that they are happy the restaurant is back to full capacity.

“It’s fantastic to get rid of the mask okay and I can see people again. COVID was terrible for all of us. Get out and enjoy the weather and enjoy Erie,” said Dave Boyc, Customer.

“We are out driving around in the boat having a good time at the beach. We are down here having a couple of cocktails and something to eat,” said Kevin Kirsch, Customer.

Both of these places are following CDC guidelines giving those who are vaccinated the choice to not wear a mask.

The next restriction to be lifted is the masks on June 28th.

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