Erie residents react to Governor Wolf’s mandatory mask order


In response to the governor’s order, some Erie County residents are sharing their opinion on whether or not they feel they need to wear a mask in public.

Some Erie County residents told us that this is no surprise in the green phase especially since places are re-opened.

Governor Wolf is taking mask wearing a step further while announcing that masks are mandatory in all public settings.

The sooner we initialize it, the sooner we all get to the point. It’s like wearing a seat belt. The sooner we say this is good for me, the sooner we’re going to defeat this virus,” said Governor Tom Wolf, (D) Pennsylvania.

This decision came after Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine signed an order on Wednesday. Some people say that they are all in.

“Get this virus as under control as much as we can and get the economy open as much as we can safely. Masks seem a way other countries have used as part of the solution,” said Christine Gagliano, North East Resident.

Other residents told us that wearing a mask should be based upon their own decision given the situation that they’re in.

“It’s a freedom that you have, like a freedom of speech of you can’t do what you like to do why have it?” asked James Coates, Erie Resident.

Governor Wolf said that wearing a mask is one way for people to control the spread of the virus. This while the virus increases.

“I just firmly believe that my mask helps you and your mask helps me from maybe getting a real bad case from it,” said David Rhine, Erie Resident.

The order is effective immediately and will remain in effect until further notice.

On another note, remember when the general assembly voted to end Governor Wolf’s emergency declaration order? Today the supreme court sided with Governor Wolf in a dispute over the extent of the emergency powers.

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