Erie School Board approves revised re-opening plan


Class will soon be in session from home for Erie School District students.

This comes after the board approved a revised re-opening plan for the safety of it’s students.

Here is what parents and students can expect.

Classes start in just under a month, but they’ll be virtual for more than 11,000 students. The decision came after major ventilation problems were discovered in multiple Erie School District buildings.

Questions about the fate of Erie School District’s upcoming school year are answered.

After an eight to one vote, the Erie school board approved a revised re-opening plan.

Erie School District Superintendent, Brian Polito, said that the decision comes down to the student’s safety.

“The decisions for the district we’re making are very important and have to be done right. I’m appreciative of the input from the board,” said Polito.

This decision came after a rise of COVID-19 cases throughout the county and major ventilation problems in five Erie school district buildings.

This means that students will learn online until November 8th which is the end of the first quarter of the school year.

Special education and career tech students will still return to the classroom for in-person learning on September 8th.

“Many of those students receive services such as physical therapy and speech which you really can’t deliver remotely. We’re pleased to be able to accommodate those students,” said Polito.

Angela McNair, an Erie school board member and mother, said that she knows first hand the challenges that could arise for parents.

“A lot of parents are having anxiety about the instruction even knowing how to help their students with homework. Things aren’t the same. It’ll be a lot of hurdles we have to work through,” said McNair.

As students gear up to learn online, they still must abide by handbook rules. This includes attendance, behavior and dress code.

The school district will also work with families in weeks to come to adjust to virtual learning.

Next Tuesday August 18th Superintendent Polito will meet with architects to revise ventilation problems at the elementary level.

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